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RCP series: A two-part mating electrical connector on the underside of the RCP enables rugged pluggability with two mounting screws. The host PCB can be processed without any fiber cables and the transceiver then attached at final box-level assembly via ARINC 801 receptacles. The RCP supports multimode and single mode cables with speeds ranging from DC to 10 Gb/s. Protocols such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SFPDP, and others are supported with built-in digital diagnostics with accuracy that exceeds industry standards.

From left: RCP, RJ, and SFF transceivers

RJ series: With 10 or 12 surface mount leads, screw posts to secure the module to a PCB, and duplex LC receptacles, the RJ offers a 60 percent size reduction versus SFFs. A unique rigid flex PCB design inside reduces the board space requirements. The RJ family supports multimode and single mode cables with speeds from DC to 10 Gb/s. Industrial Temperature or better operation and compliance to harsh environments like military, aerospace, or oil and gas (ATEX) are available.

SFF series: Two rows of through-hole leads, ground and solder posts, and a screw holding the laser and receiver in place make for a very rugged component. The case is made of cast and sheet metal for excellent EMI performance. The SFF supports an industry standard multi-source agreement form factor. It also includes digital diagnostics and EMI shield for card edge use. Supported cable types are multimode, single mode, and POF in duplex or single fiber LC receptacle configurations.

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276-339804 series rugged pigtailed transceiver incorporates proprietary ruggedization techniquies suitable for applications requiring 100 percent reliability in harsh enviornments. Housed in a shielded stainless steel housing, this transceiver has one RX and one TX channel and up to 2.5 Gb/s capacity.

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Single RX/TX and quadruple RX/TX rugged transceivers

Moog Protokraft

Dagger series D38999 transceivers, transmitters and receivers—Utilze optoelectronic transmitter and receivers functions integrated into a wall mount D38999 cylindrical connector. The optical transceivers, transmitters and receivers are 850nm VCSEL lasers. Compliant with ARINC 818, 803, and 804.

Razor series optical transceivers—Fiber optic transceivers with duplex LC interface consist of optoelectronic transmitter and receiver functions integrated into a surface-mounted PCB assembly with a duplex LC connector interface. Compliant with ARINC 818, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet,1x/2x/4xFC, and sFPDP applications.

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Dagger (left) and Razor series transceivers


Active Optics by D-Lightsys® offers broad portfolio of optical transceivers suitable for harsh environments. S-Light includes single-channel transmitter, receiver, and transceiver modules up to 4.25 Gb/s. D-Light units available in transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules with 4 channels (4 Rx + 4 Tx).

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S-Light (left) and D-Light transceiver families